The entry point “Bells” is a small crack in the reef-table that continues under water like a chimney down to 28 m and can be exited at any depth. There are corals to the left and right and nothing but blue in front of you. You will turn to the right as soon as you reach your maximum depth and then dive along a fantastic wall with loads of coral overhangs surrounded by the full variety of Red Sea fish, The dive will take you gradually shallower until you reach the beautiful coral saddle into the Blue Hole at about 7 m. As for Technical Divers The Blue Hole itself is literally a hole in the reef that is around 56 meters wide and its max depth is from 90 to 120 meters. The most important feature of the Blue Hole is the archway, which is located at 56 meters and exits into the bottomless open sea. Here’s what you should take into consideration: first of all, you have to correctly locate the arch. The arch is not directly below the saddle. It is on the eastern side of the site not the southern one. You should drop down at the correct place because the reef curves around and you may not be able to see the arch. Searching for the arch at depth is not a brilliant idea. One way to locate the arch is to drop down to 30 meters at the western side of the Blue Hole where you’ll find a sandy gully. Following this sandy gully will finally lead you to the arch. A blue glow becomes visible at 52 meters. This is not the proper depth to cross the arch at. You have to descend another 4 – 5 meters to seamlessly cross the arch because the roof is actually located at 55 meters. The arch itself is 26 meter long, 25 meter wide hole, its advised to have a torch with you. Note that occasionally there are strong downward currents that could be experienced at the exit of the arch. Make an “if – then” scenario and follow it.

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Depth0 – 32 m

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