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Dahab Canyon blue hole


The small city of Dahab lies 80 KM north of Sharm el Sheikh and has seen considerable tourist development in the last few years.


Dahab, Bells & Blue Hole

The entry point “Bells” is a small crack in the reef-table that continues under water like a chimney down to 28 m and can be exited at any depth.


Dahab, Canyon

The Canyon is one of the most popular dive sites in Dahab and an essential dive for all fanatics of caves and cavern diving.


Dunraven Wreck (Beacon Rock)

This historic wreck was a 79 meters long, British steam sail ship which was built in Newcastle and struck the reef in 1876 en route from Bombay to Liverpool.


Far Garden

Far Garden is our house Reef in front of Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort, it is situated in the northernmost part of a splendid bay just north of Naama Bay.

Gordon Reef

Gordon Reef

Gordon Reef is easily identified by the wreck of the Panamanian cargo ship Loullia which crashed in 1981.


Jackfish Alley

The name of this site derives from the white sandy road between the coral ledge bordering the coast and a parallel satellite reef that is often frequented by Jackfish and other predators.


Jackson Reef

This is the northernmost reef in Tiran and is known for the wreck, partially demolished in 1996, of the Cypriot merchant ship Lara, which sank here in 1985.


Kormoran Wreck

In August 1984 the Kormoran, built in 1963 in the Rostock shipyards (Germany), was coming from Aqaba with a cargo of phosphat

Million Hope

Million Hope Wreck

This wreck is rarely dived due to its proximity to the shore line.

Ras Mohamed

Ras Mohammed

RAS MOHAMED National Park has 9 dive sites: Ras Ghozlani, Marsa Barieka, Ras Zatar, Jackfish Alley, Eel Garden, Shark Observatory, Anemone city, Shark & Yolanda Reefs


Ras Za’tar

Situated at the southern entrance of the large bay Marsa Bareika, this dive combines a vertical wall, impressive chimneys and blue water.